• MTBE

    MTBE is colorless, transparent, high octane number liquid with ether like smell It is a kind of high octane nu

  • Isopentane

    Isopentane is also known as 2-Methylbutane It is colorless, transparent, vo...

  • n-Pentane

    n-Pentane, the fifth member of alkanes,has two isomers isopentane(boiling point 28℃) and neopentane(boiling point

  • Petroleum Toluene

    Toluene at room temperature is a colorless clear liquid, benzene smell, high refractive index, low toxicity With

  • Petroleum Benzene

    Petroleum benzene is a colorless transparent liquid, having a sweet taste, and strong fragrant scent under normal

  • Ethylbenzene for industrial

    Ethylbenzene, an aromatic hydrocarbons,chemical formula C6H5C2H5, is flammable, its stea

  • Isobutylene for industrial

    Isobutylene is colorless gas, can form explosive mixtures with air, soluble in organi

  • Propylene

    Propylene is colorless gas, with slightly sweet under normal temperature Its constitutional formula is CH3-CH=CH2

  • Propane

    Propane is a kind of alkane with three carbon atoms, which formula is CH3-CH2-CH3

  • Wax oil

    Wax oil contains CDU and coking products CDU wax oil could be material o...

  • Aromatics

    Aromatics is the general terms of hydrocarbon which contains benzene ring structure

  • Naphtha

    Naphtha is one of petroleum, also called chemical light oil, which is mainly used a

  • Petrol Coke

    From appearance, petrol coke is solid state with unshaped size, and also mono-pile s

  • LPG

    LPG is leuco and volatil hydrogen which through pressurized, cooling and liquefied of natural gas or refinery gas