• Yunsheng Ma

    The vision of Chambroad people is to be the most responsible and beneficial enterprise to the society in the industry, and to leave a career platform with sustainable profitability for future generations. Thanks to the support and love of friends from all walks of life, after more than 20 years of hard work and exploration, Chambroad has the perception and development today.

    The history of Chambroad is a history of planning development in changes and seeking breakthrough in difficulties. The enterprise restructuring ten years ago endowed Chambroad with the embryonic form to take off. Before restructuring, we ran the enterprise of the country as ours; After restructuring, we ran our enterprise as the social’s. “To produce satisfactory products for customers and to cultivate beneficial talents for the society” is the unremitting pursuit of the down-to-earth Chambroad people. On the way of Chambroad’s development in the past, we never had the feeling of success and always believed that our current situation was the worst. The success in the eyes of others, we just thought as the very beginning of our career.

    It is their own conscience that the entrepreneurs run. They simply show it by running a business and creating a good human culture. Chambroad is committed to building a corporate culture centered on “Benevolence and Filial Piety”. Dedicated to contributing to society and giving back to society; Committed to make Chambroad as social’s. Chambroad has been carrying out its promise of “Beneficial Enterprise” with actions. In the process of achieving substantial development of the enterprise, it has always kept in mind that firstly let the common people enjoy as much as possible the fruits brought by the development of the enterprise, which influences and promotes the construction of material and spiritual civilization of the region.

    Chambroad is not only the Chambroad of Chambroad people, but also the Chambroad of the society. Chambroad has a responsibility to be more accountable to employees, customers and the environment. All the time, Chambroad has been adhering to such a concept: take the employees’ thought as its own thought; take the customers’ thought as its own thought, and leave more blue sky and green space for future generations. Looking back on the past road, each step we made forward, are inseparable from the care and help of all leaderships and friends from all walks of life; Our each achievement, are inseparable from the joint effort and support of the customers; All the joy of us, are connected with the attention and love of tens of millions of consumers; Every step of our company embodies the wisdom and sweat of all employees.

    Thank you! Friends from all walks of life and all company staff.

  • Bo Luan

    Chambroad——Leave enterprise platforms with sustained profitability to posterity

    Chambroad always adheres to the people-oriented concept, strives to build learning organization and cultivates excellent management team. We provide good opportunities for all outstanding staff. After more than 20 years of accumulation, Jingbo has formed the enterprise spirit of "hardship, dedication, thrift and bright sword" as well as the values of “Integrity, Devotion, Improvement, Altruism”. Chambroad people have been taking over the mission of “Manufacturing satisfying products for customers and cultivating useful talents for society” from generation to generation. Sharing the same goal, the whole family closely unite around the company leadership and strives for future.

    The work of improvement is endless. Faced with more opportunities and risks, we must keep calm, think carefully and make comprehensive analysis; We need to weigh the pros and cons, find direction and think clearly; We should understand the world and see into the future; We have to keep pace with the times from the view of development to face new challenges and integrate more resources. It is important to be open and practical, and actively absorb other people’s ideas, so that we could be concentrated or be energetic and realize the value of life.