General Principles

Family Precept: Business carries morals and morals produce harmony;  Family Property: Take benevolence as the root and human being as the foundation

Family Virtue: Be righteous and benevolent loyal and filial; Family Rule: Observe the motion of heaven and do in accordance with its Law

  • Spirit

    Bearing hardship,dedicating to work,

    being frugality and drawing sword

  • Values

    Integrity  Devotion 

    Improvement  Altruism

  • Responsibilities

      Serve the country with 

    industry and serve the society

  • Administration Notion

     Taking Staff as the Center, 

    Taking Customers as the Center

  • Innovation Ideas

    Do What Others Are Reluctant to Do,

    Do What Others Are Unableto Do,

    Do What Others Have Never Done,

    and Do What OthersFail to Do Well

    Concept of Talents

    Inspecting Moral Quality, 

    Stressing Education Background, 

    Valuing Capability, Relying on Achievements, 

    Relying on Vision to Select Talents,

     Relying on Ability to Cultivate Talents, 

    Relying on Courage to Make Use of Talents,

    Relying on Intelligence to Manage Talents,

    and Relying on Charisma to Keep Talents

    Outlook on Life

    Poverty Teaches Me to Cherish Happiness;

    Growth Teaches Me to be Grateful;

    Responsibility Teaches Me to Develop

  • Outlook on Development

    Today's Business Relieson

    Operation  Tomorrow's on Innovation,

    the Day after Tomorrow's on Training

    and the Future's on Culture

    Management Philosophy

    Making Requirements to the Upstream, 

    Meeting Demands of the Downstream,

    Operating Capital, Risk Controllingof Properties, 

    Enjoying Abundant Support for the Just Cause, 

    Enjoying Extensive Help for Preaching the Just Cause, 

    Selecting and Cultivating Teams, 

    Outputting Culture

    Administration Notion

    Taking Staff as the Center, Taking Customers as the Center.